ISABC Pro-D Day 2014, St George’s School


Jonathan Marshall

St. George's School
Grade 7 Teacher
My name is Jonathan Marshall and I am a Grade Seven Homeroom and Social Studies teacher at St. George’s School. I have worked at St. George’s for 14 years and teach the Social Studies 7 curriculum to all of Grade Seven (96 boys). This past summer, our entire Grade Seven teaching area was renovated into a new collaborative learning space called the “Grade Seven Neighbourhood”. Designed around 21 Century learning principles, this change has sponsored a re-thinking of our traditional Grade Seven learning and teaching within a broader collaborative and boys’ learning context. In addition to flexible teaching spaces and access to technology for the boys, the 4 homeroom teachers share one office in the middle of the Neighbourhood in a continual interaction with each other and the boys. This transformation of our teaching space has re-shaped my traditional teacher-centred teaching of Social Studies 7, and the intent of my workshop is to share some of the new teaching practices I have undertaken as a result. I would also like to make a strong case for the teaching of Social Studies as one pillar of a fundamentally strong teaching and learning program at the Middle School level.