ISABC Pro-D Day 2014, St George’s School


Gordon MacIntyre

Deputy Head of School
Gordon is the Deputy Head of School at Mulgrave where he maintains responsibility for the continuity and progression of learning across the IB continuum from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. He is passionate about the values and benefits of the IB continuum and has worked in continuum schools for the majority of his 23-year career, serving as an elementary and secondary teacher, university counsellor, Director of Athletics, Director of Junior School at Stratford Hall, and in his current role at Mulgrave. Gordon holds four degrees from UBC - Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education (Educational Administration and Leadership). He has training in PYP, MYP and DP, has completed the CAIS Leadership Diploma, and currently teaches TOK, amongst his other duties.
Gordon MacIntyre, Deputy Head of School. Responsible for the alignment of teaching and learning across the continuum of PK3-Grade12. Interested in curriculum progression and mapping, skill mapping, whole school assessment and cross school use of data to support teaching and learning.