ISABC Pro-D Day 2014, St George’s School

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Sarah Coates

St. George's School
Teacher (Social Studies), Head of Global Stewardship
As a group we have breadth of experience from Outdoor Ed. to Music to Social Studies to Theatre Arts, and collectively, we have been in schools for too many years to count. We are a group united by the desire to integrate relevant and meaningful experiences into our classrooms and open our students to a wide variety of experiences beyond the classroom. We have created programs that blur the lines between subjects, allowing us to find ways to grapple with challenging problems through a variety of subject lenses.
I am excited to join 3 colleagues here at the EHI. I have learned much from other colleagues who have attended over the past 4 years. Harkness is a key teaching tool in our Social Studies classrooms.

I am looking forward to learning about assessment and encouraging trust at the table, along with looking at how non-Humanities disciplines use Harkness. I am one of 4 teachers in an interdisciplinary grade 10 program in its second year at St George’s School. Using the subject lenses of Social Studies, Science, PE and English, we work within and towards a global perspective and creative leadership.

Looking forward to learning with and from everyone.